"Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change."  

                                                                            ~Wayne Dyer

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Biofield Tuning Healing, "How does it work?"

Biofield Tuning is a method of introducing sound waves into the body's own biomagnetic field to assist in the healing of injury, illness or dysfunction.  By introducing specific tuning forks, we can identify energy frequencies that are emitted from the body, similar to EKG and EEG tests.


As Biofield Tuning Practitioners, we begin with introducing the tuning fork(s) systematically and repeatedly.  During this process, the body can become aware of its disharmony and can initiate an awareness and self balance, there by reducing and often times eliminating areas of pain.

Renee - Reiki Practioner

Biofield Tuning Practitioner

My practice is located within my own home, located in beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona, separate from my every day living space.  


Remote sessions are possible and are recommended for those that are unable to travel the distance.  Accessible to everyone, I make my sessions affordable on a sliding scale offering 3-payment options.

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  • Contact will be made within 72-hours to schedule an appointment.

Biofield Tuning Explained

Client Session with Renee

Victim of trauma using Biofield Tuning

Renee Kirby

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