"Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change."  

                                                                            ~Wayne Dyer

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Types of Readings

Comparison Number DNA Chart Reading


Comparison DNA Chart readings help build a level of greater understanding abouth another that an existing relationship already exists, whether it's boyfriend to girlfriend, mother to daughter, best friend to best friend, or maybe you are interested in dating this person.



Self Number DNA Chart Reading


Personal DNA Chart readings help each person recognize their true potential, and identify if they are living on the positive or negative side of their DNA numbers.  Reflecting on whether you are living your true life path and making positive changes will help fill the void that you could be experiencing.

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Intuitive Card Reading

These are simple readings that answer the question of, "What do I need to know the most about..." and you finish the rest.



There is no fortune telling here, you have free will and can change your life path direction at any time.  But perhaps you just need additional guidance or confirmation to a question you instinctively already know the answer to.



If you would like to learn how to read cards intutively and have FUN at the same time, click here > I want to learn!

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Guest Speaker at Work


If you would like to invite me as a guest speaker to your next group function, whether its work-related or not, I do offer my services locally to Lake Havasu City, AZ.   Just click the link and we will arrange for a time and date.


Maximum limit of a group gathering is 10-people for 1-hour at a flat rate of $95.  Be prepared to have fun and your guests to have lots of questions, you may want to book for 2-hours which is $155.  A quiet, comfortable setting is preferred with no outside interruptions.

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