"Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change."  

                                                                            ~Wayne Dyer

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Soul Retrieval

Heavy Energy Extraction

Power Retrieval

Death Transition Assistance

Shamanic Services


Home, Business or Land Cleansing & Blessing




Shamanic retrieval and illumniation work takes preparation time hours before your arrival, even days where journey work is involved.


Email your contact information to discuss what service may best fit your needs and to schedule your session.

Shamanic healing is a way to balance one's energy.  Esoterically speaking; as within, so without.


Extraction is a form of shamanic healing that removes non beneficial spiritual energy from a person, animal or place.


This process is performed to assist in the healing of acute or chronic illness and/or pain.  It can also extend to remove the spirit of an illness so the body is better able to heal itself.  


It can also entail a retrieval of the clients own spiritual energy to place into the resulting void.  


Often once a spiritual extraction has been performed, a Soul Retrieval may be necessary to recover a person's essence that may have been lost.  

The Illumination Process transforms the heavy emotions associated with trauma and disease into nourishing life energy.

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